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What to Expect after LASIK Surgery?

Question: What To Expect After Lasik Surgery?


LASIK should give you great improvement in your vision to drop the use of eyeglasses or at least reduce its dependence greatly.

After the LASIK surgery you will have discomfort and even mild pain in the eye as result of the procedure.

Some light sensitivity, glares starbursts and haloes around lights might occur. Tearing or watery eyes will be also common.

After a few days these initial symptoms should improve some remaining up to six months.

The symptoms should progress in the following way:

1-3 Days.

- Discomfort
- Mild pain
- Burning
- Scratchiness
- Tearing or watery eyes.

1 Week.

- Sensitivity to light
- Hazy or blurred vision

4 Weeks.

- Dry eyes
- Glare, halos, starbursts

6 Months.

- Fluctuation in vision

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