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What are the Dangers of LASIK Eye Surgery?

Question: What Are The Dangers Of Lasik Eye Surgery?


LASIK, like any other surgery, is able to have a large number of complications.

It is estimated that from 3% to 6% of patients will have complications six months after surgery.

Some of the more frequently complications are:

- Dry eyes
- Overcorrection or Undercorrection
- Halos or starbursts
- Light sensitivity
- Ghost images
- Double vision
- Induced astigmatism
- Corneal Ectasia
- Floaters (Deposits that can change light refraction)
- Molecular hole (blind spot)
- Retinal detachment (Disorder which could lead to vision loss)

The retinal detachment only occurs 0.36%

A conclusive evidence for long-term complications has not been established yet.

And there is only a small chance of having the complications listed above.

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