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How soon after LASIK Surgery can I go Scuba Diving?

Question: How Soon After Lasik Surgery Can I Go Scuba Diving?


There is a broad range of time that is recommended to wait by surgeons for diving after LASIK.

While some recommend wait as little as six weeks, there are some others that recommend six months.

The truth is that there is no rule of thumb about the time that should be waited. In fact, there is still an ongoing debate within LASIK surgeons about this.

However, being clever, the only one that could give you a real estimate is your surgeon as every LASIK surgery is different and every body will heal different. Therefore is your surgeon notice that your cornea has fully recovered and healed quickly, he will probably go to the six weeks period, otherwise, he will ask you to wait more.

If you are a diving professional, you should go for the six months and special considerations from your doctor should be made considering the depth you dive.

If you are a recreational diver, wait as much as you can.

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