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Pros and Cons of LASIK Eye Surgery

If you bring up the subject of Lasik eye surgery around a group of individuals you are sure to get plenty of input. Everyone seems to know someone who had a good or bad experience with it. That story may even be about their own success or failure with Lasik eye surgery.

All of that information can leave people feeling confused about it though. Understanding that there are both pros and cons to the procedure can help you start to make sense of it all. While Lasik eye surgery can certainly be very effective, there are risks involved. Everyone who undergoes the procedure needs to prepare for the worst case scenario. At the same time though they need to be positive and hope for the very best results.

Let’s start with the positive aspects of Lasik eye surgery. Many individuals have spent years wearing glasses or contact lenses. They look forward to the prospect of not having to do so anymore. Being able to see better than before is something you can’t understand unless you have been in that situation.

For those who play sports, not having to worry about breaking their glasses is important as well. The cost of glasses and contacts adds up over the years too so that is money you won’t have to shell out anymore either. For those who are self conscious about the way they look with glasses, this will certainly help with that situation as well.

With the advanced technology offered with Lasik eye surgery, you can see results within a couple of days too! This is one of the top benefits of Lasik that people are interested in. The ability to go in one afternoon after years and years of poor eyesight and then to see such tremendous results is more than some people can even imagine.

On the negative side, not everyone has a great experience with Lasik eye surgery. There are stories of doctors performing it with poor equipment. Some of them really aren’t even qualified to offer such services. Some people find their eyesight is actually worse after the Lasik than it was before.

There is always a risk of infection as well. This can lead to severe pain in the eyes as well as a longer than normal healing process. While this isn’t something anyone expects to happen it can. Understanding these risks is important and should be fully understood before you consent to the procedure.

The cost of Lasik eye surgery is a concern as well. The fact that you can spend about $2,000 per eye isn’t small potatoes. However, many locations have excellent payment plans that will fit well into any budget. With low monthly payments Lasik eye surgery can be an option for more people now than ever before.

Some individuals end up with a problem related to dry eyes after Lasik eye surgery. This is a chronic condition that they can’t seem to beat. With the assistance of eye drops the effects can be lessened. Yet many people with this condition say it is extremely annoying to deal with day in and day out.

Knowledge is power, and so if you understand the pros and cons of Lasik eye surgery you can make up your own mind about it. You need to focus on the credible information that is out there though. There are certainly plenty of myths about Lasik eye surgery that you need to avoid. They seem to have a life of their own on the internet, but not everything you read there is accurate information.