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How to Find the Right LASIK Doctor

If you are considering Lasik eye surgery, you definitely need to get the right doctor to perform it for you. The location closest to you may be convenient but is it going to offer you the best results? The discount you saw advertised on a local billboard may save you money since the your insurance isn’t covering the cost but will you love the results?

While Lasik is a safe and simple procedure, you definitely need to get the best possible results. That means making sure the person performing the procedure has the right equipment and the right training. Never assume that just because they offer such services that they are the best in the business. Start by asking your friends and family members for references. Chances are many more people have gotten Lasik eye surgery than you are aware of.

The cost is certainly a factor and many people compromise quality in order to afford the procedure. Many doctors that offer Lasik are now offering financing as well as in house payment plans. They want everyone who can benefit from Lasik to do so without the cost being a barrier they can’t overcome. Therefore you shouldn’t let the cost affect your decision to work with a quality doctor.

Part of the reason that they will cost more is that they have tons of money invested in high tech equipment. They need to charge a great deal of money to pay for what is required to offer you the very best service. Find out how long a doctor has been performing Lasik. That is a very good indicator of what they know. Go a step further and find out how many surgeries they have performed as well.

There are many sites online where you can find out if any complaints have been filed against a particular doctor. You should never see one for Lasik without looking up this information. Someone who has several complaints out there about them isn’t going to be the best choice.

Once you have conducted all of your searches and gathered your information, you should schedule at least two consultations. These are free so all it will take is some of your time. Pay attention to how the staff takes care of those who come in. You want to feel comfortable and be able to communicate your needs.

A very throughout assessment on paper as well as a complete eye exam needs to be part of the consultation. Not everyone is a good candidate for Lasik. If you feel that they are rushing the process and pushing you into moving forward then they could just be interested in  your money.

The right Lasik doctor will take the time to go over all the aspects of your needs. They will talk to you about your options even if they include the fact that Lasik won’t offer you very good results. You should feel free to communicate with them and to ask questions before you make a final decision.

While it is normal to be nervous initially, you should feel relaxed as things progress. You don’t want someone performing surgery on you that you aren’t comfortable with. Trust your gut instincts too as you don’t have to justify your decision not to work with a certain doctor. Make sure you don’t rely upon just one consultation either to base your decision upon.

It may take a great deal of effort to find the right Lasik doctor, but don’t rush the process. The results of your Lasik is going to depend a great deal of the quality of the person performing the procedure. Your eyes are too important to not do some investigating before hand. You want to be confident that you are in very good hands from start to finish.