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FDA Advise on LASIK Eye Surgery

The FDA has plenty to say about Lasik eye surgery. It is important for you to read about it if you are considering the procedure. They more information you have about it the more confident you can be that your decision is the right one for you. A great deal of what the FDA is advising is for more warning information to be offered to those interested in Lasik.

While the surgery is very simple and offers good results for most people, there are some risks involved. The FDA wants consumers to be well aware of what the possible problems could be that result from the surgery. The most common problems reported to the FDA are blurred vision and pain in the eyes. What has been discovered is that many individuals who suffer such issues weren’t really good candidates for Lasik to begin with.

As a result, the FDA would like to see stricter guidelines in place. They will ensure comprehensive assessments and exams are done before the decision is made. While many doctors who perform Lasik do so, others seem to be offering the procedure to everyone who walks in the door. They quest to make a profit doesn’t stop even when they know someone isn’t going to get much benefit from the process.

They also want to see the credentials for doctors being strictly enforced. Individuals who seek Lasik eye surgery often assume they are getting a well qualified individual to perform it. They don’t always take the time to find out and this can sometimes be the reason there are complications.

The FDA is making honest efforts to work with those who perform Lasik though rather than against them. They understand that millions of people do benefit from Lasik eye surgery annually. They certainly don’t wish to give the impression it isn’t effective or that is should be avoided. The FDA is working with many doctors to conduct a long term study. This way the information collected can be used to make the process better for everyone involved.

The FDA is working hard to stay on top of the risks involved with Lasik eye surgery. Consumers should be happy with this because it means that their needs are being protected. Those doctors that offer Lasik surgery are held to stricter guidelines all the time. They also need to know how to effectively reduce the risks involved and to treat those who do suffer ill effects after Lasik surgery.

In the mean time though the FDA is making sure the public is educated. They want to make sure anyone considering it is well informed. There is a great deal of advertising out there for Lasik that makes it seem harmless. While that is the case most the time, the public has the right to be aware of the risks. This is why release forms are often required by the doctor before the procedures will be started.

The plans for follow up appointments help to ensure all is going well. Patients shouldn’t feel like they are left on their own after they surgery is done. If you have had experiences with Lasik surgery that you would like to share with the FDA they are very open to such information from consumers.

It is believed only about 1% of all Lasik patients suffer negative effects that are long lasting from the surgery. Still, they also believe that many of them could be avoided all together if precautions are taken to do things correctly from the very start of the assessment through the follow ups after the Lasik has been done. With approximately 5% of patients not happy with the results they get there is still work to be done in the world of Lasik eye surgery.