lasik review

During LASIK Eye Surgery

Some individuals are very anxious as their date for Lasik eye surgery gets closer. They know what to expect and they are ready for it. Others are in somewhat of a panic as they aren’t sure what the process will involve. However, if you have a quality doctor performing the procedure then they will make sure you know exactly what will be taking place.

Being prepared for the procedure is very important. It will help to ensure that everything goes along much smoother. Some people avoid Lasik as they are afraid of what will take place. Yet they don’t have the right information to make a good decision about. Being well informed is always a good course of action to follow with any such issue you are contemplating.

The 30 minutes to an hour that it takes to complete the Lasik procedure can seem like a long time. Make sure you have used the bathroom and gotten a drink of water before it starts. You don’t want to have to face such uncomfortable issues while you are being attended to.

You will likely notice various types of equipment all around you. These are the tools and the computer screen that the doctor will use to ensure they are doing an excellent job for you. The exact tools that you will see depend on the type of procedure that the doctor is using. Some of the equipment is more advanced than what other doctor’s use.

To keep your eye from moving while the procedure takes place, drops will be placed to stabilize it. This can be a strange sensation to deal with because as the tools come close to your eye it will be instinctive to shut them or at least to blink. You won’t have the ability to do either one of them. Your eyelids will be held open with devices called speculums.

Once this is all in place, an incision will be made around the cornea. This is done to allow a flap to be created. The depth of that incision will depend on what needs to be done in order to make your vision better. Once that flap is moved a laser will be used to make the various adjustments to your eyes.

While all of this is going on you may experience changes in your vision. You need to be as relaxed as possible while it is going on. Don’t be upset if you can’t see as well as you did before. Blurred vision and even sensitivity to the light around you may occur.

Once the flap is secured into place a cover will be placed over the eye for a while. It is recommended that you wear it when you sleep so you don’t accidentally rub your eye. Doing so can result in the flap moving and allow and infection to settle in the area. You may feel a bit awkward after the Lasik eye surgery just because your eyes have to adjust to some differences.

What you initially see after the surgery isn’t what your results will be like. You need to give it several days before you have the full effect. You can be sure assistants will be watching over you during the surgery in case you experience any problems. For the most part though it will all be over quickly.

The actual Lasik eye surgery won’t take very long at all. Do your best to prepare your body and your mind for it. Focus on your breathing or sing a song in your head. If you have faith that the doctor performing the surgery is qualified to complete the procedure you will be more at ease. This is something you should decide upon though well before you get on the table.