lasik review

Before LASIK Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery is often portrayed as a very simple procedure where you are in and out of the office in about an hour. While that is true in many cases, it is important to understand what all goes on before the Lasik surgery procedure even takes place. Understanding this part of it will help ensure you get quality care. It can also help to relieve anxiety as many people stress over what they don’t know.

If you are considering Lasik then you likely already have a regular eye doctor that you see. They do your annual exams and help you get the glasses or contact lenses you are happy with. Let them know you are interested in the procedure. They can tell you if they think you may be a good candidate for it or not based upon your eyesight concerns.

For those who wear contacts, you will need to go without them for a few weeks prior to the consultation. This is because the cornea will be a different shape when you wear them. In order for your doctor to give you the most accurate assessment they need to see the cornea in the original shape. It allows for the right evaluation and course of action to be planned out should the surgery be something you move forward with.

If you want to pursue the situation further then you should schedule at least two consultations at different locations. These are free of charge and a way for the doctor to get to know you and your situation. You will spend time filling out an assessment about many things. Be honest so that they information offers a true reflection of what is going on.

You will also get a complete eye exam. All of this information will be combined in order to determine if Lasik eye surgery is a good option for you or not. Keep in mind that not everyone is an ideal candidate for the procedure. At the consultation you will find out how the doctor feels about your case. This is why it is important to get at least two opinions on the subject.

During this consultation you should get an informational packet you can take home and review. The doctor should go over the cost, payment options, what you can expect in the way of results, how to prepare for the surgery, what will be taking place during it, and the recovery process. You will also be allowed to ask any questions you may have about any of it.

Once you schedule your surgery you need to work your normal schedule around it. Make sure you have at least two reliable people that can give you rides to and from your appointments. Make sure you have everything you need at home so you can rest and let your eyes recover properly. Let your employer know you will need a couple of days of work as well.

You will need to make a commitment to keeping your eyes as clean as possible before the surgery. This includes not using any make up, location, or other products on your face around your eyes. Doing so will significantly increase your risk of an infection developing after the surgery has been performed. The doctor is counting on you to do your part to reduce such risks.

It is your responsibility to find out all you can about Lasik before it takes place. If you don’t’ feel like you have all the information then don’t be in a rush to complete the procedure. If you don’t like what the doctor has to say or to offer you then don’t let them talk you into it. You need to be fully aware of what to expect before Lasik eye surgery. Only then can you make well informed decisions about what is right for you.