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After the LASIK Eye Surgery

Getting treatment after your Lasik eye surgery is very important. When you have your initial consultation with the doctor, they should talk about what you can expect as part of that follow up. You want to make sure it is quality treatment and care because you don’t want to give them your money and then be left to deal with the rest of it on your own.

In most cases, a person will heal from the Lasik eye surgery without any complications. Yet it is very important for a trained professional to be able to evaluate the situation for you as well. Your doctor should have you well prepared for what will take place after your surgery. You will need to arrange for someone to drive you home from the appointment so make sure you don’t come alone.

Most people experience itchiness in their eyes immediately after the procedure is done. Some people say it feels like they have a speck of dirt or other debris in their eye. The discomfort shouldn’t be overwhelming though. You must refrain from rubbing your eyes though because this can result in the flap that was carefully put in place to be disturbed.

Some individuals aren’t prepared for their vision to be blurry so try to prepare yourself for that. It can take a few days before you recover from that. You will need to stay home for a couple of days so make sure you schedule your surgery when you can do so. Some individuals experience sensitivity to light so you may need to adjust a few things at home for a few days as well.

The symptoms should subside within a couple of days. They severity of them as well as how long the will last vary by individual. It is best to have a follow up appointment 3-5 days after the Lasik eye surgery is performed. You shouldn’t experience severe pain during that period of time. If you do, contact the doctor immediately for further instructions.

At the first follow up appointment your doctor can let you know how the healing process is going. If your eyes are still dry and itchy you may be allowed to use drops to moisten them. To help prevent infection you will need to avoid using soaps, lotions, and even make up around the eyes for a couple of weeks. It isn’t recommended to go swimming or to get into a hot tub for at least a couple of months.

The follow up care that takes place once the Lasik eye surgery is done is very important. Don’t get the surgery done by someone who isn’t willing to offer this level of care. You should be able to reach them immediately if you have any questions, concerns, or you experience changes in your vision. Pain in the eyes is a sign of an infection and you will need to get treatment from the doctor as soon as possible.

Too many people feel great after the Lasik surgery so they cancel their follow up appointments. This isn’t a good idea and you are discouraged from doing so. There may be issues that arise that can only be seen by a doctor trained to look for them. With early intervention they can be easily resolved. Don’t wait until you have problems to seek the assistance of your Lasik doctor. It can take up to six months for problems to show up after Lasik. Therefore you want to make sure your follow up appointments cover that span of time. Doing so will help to ensure you reap the many benefits from Lasik eye surgery.